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About Us

Dave with travel guitar Linda with mandolin We have been singing and playing in many folk clubs, open mics and festivals up and down the country for five years.
We play Americana, plus contemporary and traditional folk, usually on guitar, mandolin and harmonica. But we occasionally bring out an 8 string ukelele, and sometimes a few other instruments

Dave used to play in Scottish blues duo called Greyhound 61. singing and playing harmonica, guitar and banjo.

Linda currently sings with the popular Cornish acapella group Kescana , and we both play in Cornish band Bagas Crowd.

We tailor our set up to suit the venue. In a small quiet environment we leave the mics and amp in the van and perform purely acoustically. In a bigger but quiet venue we’ll use a single mic and small battery powered amp so that folk at the back can still hear us. In a noisy place we’ll use a bigger mains PA and plug in the instruments (the same ones we use acoustically) so we can be heard.

As for instruments, Linda plays the mandolin, mandola, tenor banjo, and 8 string ukulele and guitar, but mostly the mandolin. Dave plays the guitar, 5 string banjo, puerto rican cuatro, and harmonica, but mostly the guitar.

We most of our time in Cornwall and the South west but we do mini tours where the fancy takes us.

If you’re interested in booking us, or just contacting us for any reason, simply drop us a line.
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