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Helston Furry
Padstow Mayday
Old Fishermen
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Cornwall is Calling

Oh, Cornwall's calling from the hedgerows and trees
Through the rivers, the hills, the valleys and seas.
The tops of the cliffs, the depths of the mine
Cornwall is calling, through the mists of time.

Hear Cornwall singing in sounds loud and strong
Voices of fishermen and miners long gone.
In shanties and music and folk songs of old
Stories of people and places are told.

See Cornwall dancing with steps full of joy
Furry and Flora, man, woman, girl,boy.
United at May Day, Golowan, Montol
Together in time everyone, one and all.

And when there's sadness in times full of fear
Cornwall gives strength to those far and near
And Cornwall will call in a voice clear and strong
Saying this too shall pass, stay hopeful, you belong.

Linda Atherfold 2020

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